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September 13, 2022

Clutch lists QuidSol among Pakistan's leading B2B Service Providers in 2022.

what our clients say
The whole team was very kind and trustworthy.
Christian Krauter
Founder and CEO, Ki-Mentor
It's quite difficult to find the right person to complete a task for you. You know what you want and how you see it but communicating [...] is quite a challenge. Qasim knew what I required straight from the job brief.
Hamid and his team at Quid Sol are great. Very efficient and communicative. and actively suggested and develop better approach and solutions than I have imagined.
Paul Tsai
They are a consistent and passionate group. I highly recommend them.
Jin Tak Lee
Successfully implemented our NLP machine learning project. Successfully trained a useful machine learning model that can be used in production. Communication was top-notch, and met deadlines. Great work!
Nik T
Very impressive work! Highly skilled with amazing ability to understand and execute complicated tasks.
Yueran Ma

We are proud to be green

Taking an energy efficient approach by optimizing solar energy to power our workspace
4390kg Carbon saved
1780kg Coal saved
240 Trees saved
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